KoKo offers practical German courses for all people with a non-German mother tongue who are older than 14 and have a residence status in Austria.

Previous participation in German courses or a tested language level are not required, but due to the design of the course, a basic knowledge of German is necessary in order to make the most of the benefits.

The courses are free of charge and are not subject to any conditions.

What makes KoKo so special?

The aim of the courses is to improve the use of language skills and thus open up new opportunities for participation and promote the independence and autonomy of the participants through dialog.

KoKo offers:

  • Theoretical input (“classic German lessons” by qualified trainers)
  • Practical implementation (trying things out in everyday life, excursions and outings)

Course content:

The course content is based on the needs of the participants and regional circumstances rather than a fixed curriculum. Thematic course content such as:

  • Requirements for good coexistence
  • School and education system
  • Education
  • Work and working life
  • Living
  • Health
  • Political system in Austria
  • Other migration and integration-specific topics