Support for people with disabilities

We support people who have one or more disabilities in their everyday lives.

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In a housing association, people with disabilities can live in a way that is comfortable for them

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Personal assistance

Personal assistants help with everyday life

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Mobile support

Mobile support helps people with disabilities

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Peer counseling

People with disabilities advise and help other people with disabilities

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Alternative living

Accompaniment and support in your own home

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Office for accessible living

Advice on the construction and conversion of barrier-free apartments

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Wheelchair-accessible Car-Sharing

The Mobiles Marchtrenk association offers car sharing for wheelchair users

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lebensART GmbH

A life that is as self-determined as possible for people with disabilities. That is the goal we pursue with our services. We offer alternative living, for example. And there is mobile support for people with disabilities. And there is peer counseling. And there is personal assistance.

Glimpfingerstraße 48
4020 Linz
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 7:00 to 14:00
Wednesday 7:00 to 16:00
Friday 7:00 to 12:00 - BY TELEPHONE ONLY

Representing the interests of people with disabilities

In Upper Austria, there is an interest group for people with disabilities.
It is committed to all things that are important for people with disabilities.

The representative body is elected by all people with disabilities in Upper Austria. And works together with the state government.

What does the interest group do?

  • It is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can live like everyone else.
  • It advises and monitors the state government in all matters relating to work with the disabled.
  • It does public relations work.
  • For example, it helps with the establishment of an interest group in a housing association.
  • It is involved in the training and further education of interest group representatives.

Representation of interests at Volkshilfe lebensART

There is a separate representation of interests for clients of Volkshilfe lebensART.

  • in every housing association
  • for customers of the mobile support service

Speaker: Verena Vatier
Breitwiesergut housing association
Telephone number of the housing association: 0676 / 8734 2881