Social politics & Civil Society

As Volkshilfe Oberösterreich, we see ourselves as a driving force for progressive social policy. Our goal in Upper Austria is to improve the lives of people seeking help and financially disadvantaged people through needs-oriented offers and services. One of our tasks is to identify and point out social problems and grievances and to develop and offer solutions, including unconventional ones.

Mitarbeiter der Volkshilfe Oberösterreich und Geschäftsführerin Jasmien Chansri bei der Pride Linz 2023

The findings on the origins and effects of social disadvantage are introduced into the public debate. In this way, Volkshilfe aims to bring about a change in socio-political awareness.

Our services meet the current social needs of society. The basic principles for the range of services are humanity, quality and flexibility.

A selection of current Volkshilfe Upper Austria services for people in special circumstances:

Austria-wide poverty means

Support with acute financial problems

To the application for support

Abolish child poverty

Support for children at risk of poverty

Abolish child poverty

Climate protection against energy poverty

Financial relief for energy costs

Against energy poverty

Energy shutdown prevention

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0676 / 8734 2141

Dementia support

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Social markets in Linz and Wels

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Volkshilfe SOMA markets

Delocation prevention in Wels

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Triangle delocation prevention